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2014 Seminars

Upcoming Seminars

None currently. Check back soon for new postings!

Recent Seminars

When: Thursday 11 September 3:00 - 3:50 pm

Where: 104 College Hall

Speaker: Dr. Linda Braddy

                   Deputy Executive Director
                   Mathematical Association of America

Title: You should be a math major!

Abstract: Are you a faculty member who has ever said, "You should be a math major!" to a promising student who was majoring in another field or who was still undecided? What kind of answer did you get, and how did you respond? Are you a student who is considering further study in mathematics but are unsure if that would open as many doors of opportunity as other fields of study might? Lack of information about the lucrative job opportunities for someone with a degree in mathematics, particularly those outside the world of academia, is one reason why capable students don't choose mathematics as their major. In this talk, I will discuss several nonacademic careers available in mathematics.

Presentation Slides: http://www.mathcs.duq.edu/~neilan/Braddy_seminar.pptx