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Internship Program

Internships provide valuable opportunities that allow you to acquire first-hand knowledge and grow your professional skill set. They also offer a chance to build your resume and network with professionals in various archaeological disciplines. Field work with other professionals is one of the most important ways to learn how to be an archaeologist. Internships also play a vital role in helping you find exciting and rewarding positions after finishing your undergraduate degree.

Our archaeology internship takes place at local archaeological firm, Christine Davis Consultants.

Christine Davis Consultants

Christine Davis Consultants, housed in a restored 19th century mill. (Verona,PA)

Christine and her team have excavated in and around Pittsburgh for over two decades, digging everything from Native American villages  to Three PNC Plaza.  

Watch this video to learn more about what Christine Davis Consultants discovered under the PNC Plaza site:

If you're interested in the internship, contact our Internship Coordinator Dr. Rask.

We will be developing our internship program with a few new opportunities, so stay tuned for updates!