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D. Clark Edwards Service Award

Award Description:

Clark Edwards, Ph.D., served on the faculty of the Department of Communication & Rhetorical Studies for over 20 years. Dr. Edwards, a combat veteran in the Vietnam War who went on to work in broadcast journalism prior to his academic career, earned his doctorate in Political Science. In the department's early years, Dr. Edwards taught journalism and served as faculty advisor to the Duquesne Duke. He led a number of formative initiatives in the department's growth and was a staunch defender of the good, most notably in cases that involved no personal benefit or advancement. He worked hard in the trenches of every unit with which he served, faithfully speaking hard truths when others remained silent. Dr. Edwards remained vigorous and insightful to the last, retiring less than a year before he died, having shaped and advanced the mission of the department and Duquesne University. He served well.