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Sports Information and Media

This Duquesne Media undergraduate program is a 33-credit major (or an 18-credit minor or 15-credit certificate) that prepares students for careers in sports media and/or public relations, including the sportswriting, sportscasting and job-rich "sports information" fields, among others. This is an ideal program for a university with NCAA Division I programs inside a major league sports city.

"Sports information" is the term most commonly used to refer to public-relations work done on behalf of college athletics departments nationwide. At the professional-sports level, the term is also known as "content," "media relations," "communications" and/or "public affairs," among other names. Students in this program would be prepared to work under those titles, as well.

The following courses are required to satisfy the major:

Departmental Core Courses

  • JMA 140: Media Literacy
  • JMA 260: New Media Production
  • JMA 465W: Media Ethics
  • JMA 473: Media Law and Regulation

Required for Major (3 credits each, except where noted; 24 credits total)

  • JMA 177: Language for Journalists (0 credits; concurrent with JMA 200W)
  • JMA 200W: Multiplatform Newsroom I (concurrent with JMA 177)
  • JMA 243: Public Relations in Strategic Media
  • JMA 380: Sports Reporting I: Sportscasting
  • JMA 381W: Sports Reporting II: Sportswriting
  • JMA 434: Media and Sports
  • JMA 436: Sports Media Practices
  • JMA 303W: Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • JMA 451: Internship - This must be with Duquesne Athletics' sports-information office. The department chairperson must approve any alternate assignment.

Electives: minimum of 9 credits total; must be chosen in consultation with assigned departmental mentor