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M.A. in English with a Concentration in Writing, Media Arts, and Technology

Combining your love for Literature with Practical Skills in Writing and Media. 

You love literature.  You love writing.  You love them both enough to want to pursue a higher degree in English.  But you are also the practical sort who understands that, in today's world, learning has to be a means to an end.  And that end needs to include a career that can pay the bills.

Duquesne University's new Master of Arts in English with a Concentration in Writing, Media Arts, and Technology provides you with the best of both worlds:  the literature and writing classes of a traditional M.A. in English, combined with engagement with digital media, writing for trade publications, and experience with design.

In this program, you will:

  • Build a solid foundation in literary studies
  • Develop sophisticated interpretive and critical thinking skills
  • Learn core writing principles and methodologies for writing across different media
  • Get hands-on experience with today's publishing technology

"I chose Duquesne because of the JMA program. In my undergrad I studied English Writing and Communications Journalism.This program has allowed me to follow my interests in both literature and digital composition and technology. In my JMA classes, I've really enjoyed learning more about composition pedagogies, the influence of digital technologies on the writing process, the effect of digital technologies on the development of the writerly voice." - Theresa Sullivan, alumna

Degree Requirements

Students complete a total of 36 credits to earn a Master of Arts in English with a Concentration in Writing and Multimedia Arts.


  • English 500 Aims and Methods of Literary Study (3 cr.)
  • English 566 Literary Theory (3 cr.)
  • Historically based literature requirements (12 cr.)
  • Writing class electives, which may include JMA courses such as Media Writing (6 cr.)

Journalism and Media Arts Courses

  • JMA 501 Introduction to Multimedia Technology
  • JMA 582 Media Law and Intellectual Property

6 credits in one of three concentrations:

Multimedia- select two courses

  • JMA 505 Graphic Design
  • JMA 522 Visual Design and Layout
  • JMA 530 Digital Imaging for Multimedia
  • JMA 579 Digital Video Production

Web Design- select two courses

  • JMA 545  Interface Design
  • JMA 564  Interaction Design
  • JMA 574 Web Design

Media Management- select two courses

  • JMA 505 Graphic Design
  • JMA 518 Public Relations Campaigns or JMA 519 Advertising Production
  • JMA 568 Media Management

For more information or to find out if this program is the right fit for you, please contact the Director of Graduate English Studies:

Danielle St. Hilaire, PhD
Associate Professor of English