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Public Relations and Advertising (within JMA)

To Minor in Public Relations and Advertising if your Major is within JMA:

PR/Ad Core (12 credits)

  • JMA220- Introduction to Media Advertising OR JMA243- Introduction to Public and Media Relations
  • JMA340W- Media Writing (suggested for Advertising Concentration) OR JMA271W- Newswriting 1 (Public Relations Concentration)
  • JMA418- Advanced PR and Media Relations OR JMA419- Advanced Media Advertising
  • JMA467- Media Research Methods

Suggested Electives (6 credits)

  • JMA335- Writing for Advertising
  • JMA370- Media Promotion
  • JMA427- Introduction to Desktop Publishing
  • JMA434- Media and Sports
  • JMA436- Media Sports Relations
  • JMA493-Non-Profit Public Relations