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Faculty Scholarship

Recent Publications


  • Merenstein, D., D'Amico, F., Palese, C., Hahn, A., Sparenborg, J., Tan, T., Polzin, K., Roberts,R. (2013) "Short-term, daily intake of yogurt containing Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis Bf-6 (LMG 24384) does not affect colonic transit time in women." British Journal of Nutrition (2013) DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0007114513002237).

  • Nobutaka Hirooka, Teiichi Takedait, Frank D'Amico. "Health Maintenance and Access to Care Among Japanese Living in the U.S. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)." General Medicine, (2013), vol. 14, no. 2, pg. 108-114.

  • Bertalmio, M. & Levine, S. (2013). A Variational Approach for Fusing Exposure Bracketed Images. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

  • Levine, S., Heaps, K., Koslosky, J., & Sidle, G. (2013). Image Fusion using Gaussian Mixture Models. Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference.

  • Bertalmio, M. & Levine, S. (2013). Color matching for stereoscopic cinema. Proceedings of Mirage 2013, 6th International Conference on Computer Vision / Computer Graphics Collaboration Techniques and Applications.

  • Heaps, K., Koslosky, J., Levine, S., & Sidel, G. (2013). Image Fusion using Gaussian Mixture Models. In Burghardt, Tilo and Damen, Dima and Mayol-Cuevas, Walterio and Mirmehdi, Majid (Eds.) Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference, BMVA Press.

  • R. Miller Neilan, Modeling fish growth in low dissolved oxygen, PRIMUS: Problems,Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies, 23 (2013) 748 - 758.

  • R. O'Donnell and K. Wimmer. "Sharpness of KKL on Schreier graphs." Electronic Communications in Probability 18:no 18:1-12 (2013).


  • Shelesky, G., D'Amico, F., Marfatia, R., Wilson, S. (2012). Does Weekly Direct Observation and Formal Feedback improve Intern patient care Skills Development? A randomized Controlled Trial. Family Medicine; 44(7):486-492.

  • Gaur, A., (2012). Idempotents and Similar Operators. Thai Journal of Mathematics; 10(1) : 35-41.

  • Gaur, A., (2012). A Note on Nilpotent Operators. Advances in Pure Mathematics; 2, 367-370.

  • Wagner R, Wetzel SJ, Kern J, Kingston HM, (2012). "Improved sample preparation of glyphosate and methylphosphonic acid by EPA method 6800A and time-of-flight mass spectrometry using novel solid-phase extraction." J Mass Spectrom. Feb;47(2):147-54. doi: 10.1002/jms.2038.

  • Ruggieri, E. and Lawrence, C.E. (2012). On Efficient Calculations for Bayesian Variable Selection, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 56, 1319-133.

Recent Grants

John Fleming

  • "Efficient Computation of Electrostatic Potential for use in Molecular Dynamic Simulations", Duquesne Faculty Development Fund, May 2007-June 2008. Amount awarded: $9,972.

Jeff Jackson

  • Grant from the National Science Foundation, 2008.
    Amount awarded: $250,519.
  • "Fourier Analysis of Learning Problems and Function Classes", National Science Foundation, September 2002-August 2006.
    Amount awarded: $200,567.

Patrick Juola

  • Grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, 2008 .
    NFS amount awarded: $212,000, NEH amount awarded: $131,465.
  • Faculty/Student Research Grant, McAnulty College, Spring 2007.
    Amount awarded: $500.
  • "A Model of Aphasia using Dictionary-Derived Natural Language Semantics", Oxford University Press. Supported by provision of research corpora from the Digial Reference library. (2003).

John Kern II

  • Faculty/Student Research Grant, McAnulty College, Spring 2007.
    Amount awarded: $500.

Stacey Levine

  • "Variational and PDE based methods for image processing", National Science Foundation, August 2005-July 2008.
    Amount awarded: $139,900.
  • "Fire Scar Detection and Analysis: Assessing Future Fire and Flood Hazards via Partial Differential Equations" Duquesne University Faculty Development Grant, May 2004-May 2005.
  • "Diffusion Based Models for Image Processing", 2001 Duquesne University Faculty Development Grant, May 2001-May 2002.
    Amount awarded: $6,113.

Lili Shashaani

  • "Diversity in Computation Technology", Alcoa Foundation, October 2000- August 2012.
    Amount awarded: $350,000.
  • "Increasing the Participation and Achievement of Female and Minority Students in Computer Science", Wimmer Family Foundation grant, summer 2007.
    Amount awarded: $3,500.

Donald Simon

  • "Improving Bayesian Phylogeny" with B. Larget and D. Baum (U. of Wisconsin at Madison), J. Kadane and M. Derthick (Carnegie Mellon U.) from the National Institutes of Health, June 2003 - May 2008.
    Amount awarded: $1,449,570.