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Multiplatform Journalism

Dr. Michael Dillon

Dr. Michael Dillon
544E College Hall
Phone: 412.396.6448

For specific questions about the Multiplatform Journalism program, contact Dr. Michael Dillon.

Duquesne University's Multiplatform Journalism curriculum prepares students to work as multimedia journalists across a wide variety of platforms, from online news sites to traditional print and broadcast outlets. Today's journalist must be multifaceted. A reporter at an online news outlet might, in a single day, shoot video, produce an audio story and write several iterations of a story for a website and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Conversely, a reporter at a broadcast station or cable outlet might produce both visual and written versions of a story. Multiplatform Journalism equips students with the knowledge and skills to produce content for any platform and allows them to seize opportunities as new platforms emerge. In this program, you'll learn to interview, research, report, write, shoot and edit audio and video, create graphics, and master social media.

Students will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of news and the role it plays in our civic and political culture.
  • Develop the ability to evaluate the newsworthiness of events.
  • Study and internalize the public service functions and ethical obligations of journalism.
  • Develop and apply a variety of reporting techniques, including interviewing, database research and use of public records.
  • Produce multiplatform stories for news, sports, entertainment and various niche genres.
  • Learn and practice narrative, video, audio and graphical storytelling techniques that are applicable across a wide variety of platforms, including print, broadcast, web, social media and emerging web-based and mobile platforms.
  • Learn within an ethos of adaptability so that, as media platforms and techniques change, students are able to change with them — and possess the theoretical knowledge and practical flexibility to lead that change.

Multiplatform Journalism (30 credits)

  • JMA 140 - Media Literacy*
  • JMA 260 – New Media Production*
  • JMA 465W – Media Ethics*
  • JMA 473 – Media Law and Regulation*
  • JMA 177 - 0 Credits: Language for Journalists (concurrent with JMA200W)
  • JMA 200W: Multiplatform Newsroom I
  • JMA 300W: Multiplatform Newsroom II
  • JMA 324: Principles of Audio and Video
  • JMA 341: Video Newsgathering and Field Production
  • JMA 360W: Multiplatform Editing
  • JMA 469W: Magazine Journalism OR JMA 471W: Investigative Reporting (Prerequisite: JMA 200W)
  • JMA Elective Courses (6 Credits) Students will select electives after consultation with their department mentor.

*All majors in the Media department will take 12 credits of departmental core courses.

Minoring in Multiplatform Journalism