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What Our Students Are Saying

An integrated and practical approach to language is the only way by which someone can learn it - you have to read, speak, and think in that language. Language classes at Duquesne have developed my ability to do all of these. French is a part of my life now!
Jordan Oeler, '14

The comfortable size of our German classes allowed me to actively participate on a regular basis and be engaged in the conversation with my other classmates.The professors greatly expanded my writing, speaking, and reading skills and also broadened my understanding of German culture, film, and drama.
Shannon Smith, '14

The Spanish program nurtured my natural love of the Spanish language. Individual attention and fun classroom activities made my Spanish language abilities better than ever.
Brian Bowling, '14
Spanish major

I found my four-year experience with the modern languages department to be one of my favorite parts about my Duquesne experience. I was taken into a nice, small community where achievement in the languages was recognized and progress was supported.
Meredith Cann, '13

The professors in Duquesne's modern languages department truly went out of their way to make sure I was receiving the most from my education. The personal attention and help I received helped me improve my Spanish writing, reading, and oral skills tremendously. Their dedication and the department's summer study abroad program to Salamanca, Spain solidified my confidence in my ability to speak the language.
Yamilette S. Ayala, '13

The personal attention I received from professors created the ideal environment for the development of my language skills. As a Modern Languages major, I was given the opportunity to learn several languages thanks to the helpful, readily available faculty.
Curtis Evans, '12
Modern Languages major