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Recent Dissertation Defenses

James Bahoh, "Heidegger and Deleuze: The Groundwork of Evental Ontology" Director: Dr. Daniel Selcer

Nalan Sarac, "A Study on Conscience: The Content and Function" Director: Dr. Ronald Polansky


Stephanie Adair, "Thinking Without Concepts: The Aesthetic Use of The Logical Functions in Kant's Third Critique" Defended April 2016. Co-supervised by Professor Jennifer Bates (Duquesne University) and Frau Prof. Dr. Claudia Bickmann (University of Cologne, Germany).

James Taylor, "Techno-Racism: Heidegger's Philosophy of Technology and Critical Philosophies of Race," Director: Prof. George Yancy. 14 November 2016.

Justin Habash, "Early Greek Philosophy and the Discovery of Nature," Director: Prof. Ronald Polansky. 23 September 2016.

Evan Strevell, "Memory, Phantasia, and the Perception of Time: a Commentary on Aristotle's De memoria," Director: Prof. Ronald Polansky. 15 September 2016.

Ariana Ragusa, "Vico's Fabulous Beginnings: From the Forests to the Academies," Director: Prof. Fred. Evans. 22 August 2016.


Dana M. Trusso, "The Erotic Charms of Platonic Discourse: Mythmaking, Love Potions, and Role Reversals" Director: Dr. Patrick Miller. March 2015


Stanton Marlan,"The Philosophers'Stone: The Alchemical Imagination and the Logical Life of the Soul" Director: Tom Rockmore. November 2014

Patrick Craig,"The A Priori Nature of the Political or Democracy and Scientific Method in Thomas Hobbes" Director: Daniel Selcer. October 2014

Nathan Eckstrand,"The Event of Revolution" Director:Fred Evans. September 2014

Joseph Cimakasky "All of a Sudden: The Role of exaiphnés in Plato's Dialogues" Director: Prof. Ron Polansky

John Fritz "Character, Time, and Place in the Dialogues of Plato" Director: Prof. Ron Polansky

James Haile "Black Existential Philosophy: Truth in Virtue of Self-Discovery" Director: Prof. Jim Swindal Visiting Assistant Professor (non-TT), Dickinson College

David Hoinski "Humanlife and the Advent of Philosophy: A Theory of Philosophical Autobiography" Director: Prof. Ron Polansky

Ryan Johnson "The Problem: The Theory of Ideas in Ancient Atomism and Deleuze" Director: Prof. Daniel Selcer

Kazue Koishikawa "A Phenomenological Analyses of the Relation Between Intersubjectivity and Imagination in Hannah Arendt" Director: Prof. Lanei Rodemeye

Christopher Mountenay "In the Shadow of Anaximander: Philosophical Temperaments and Schopenhauerian Pessimism in Nietzsche's ‘Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks'" Director: Prof. Patrick Miller

Harry A. Nethery IV "Husserl and Foucault on the Subject: The Companions" Director: Prof. Lanei Rodemeyer Visiting Assistant Professor (non-TT), Duquesne University

James Stover "Aristotle's Ethics: A Viable System for Today's Life and Business" Director: Prof. Ron PolanskyAssistant Professor of Philosophy (TT), Wheeling Jesuit University


Chelsea Harry defended her dissertation, directed by Dr. Polansky, in March, titled "Time (Chronos) in Aristotle's Natural Philosophy and of its Place in Early Naturphilosohie (1750-1800)."

Kamal Shlbei defended his dissertation, directed by Dr. Bates, in March, titled "Sadra and Hegel on the Relationship Between Essence/ Existence & Subject/Object."


Clayton Bohnet defended his dissertation, directed by Dr. Rockmore, in November entitled: "Logic, Thought, and the Unconditioned: An essay on Kant and Hegel."

Keith R. Martel defended his dissertation in November entitled: "The Narrative Subject and Place," directed by Dr. Rodemeyer.

Patrick J. Reider defended his dissertation, directed by Dr.Rockmore, in November entitled: "German Idealism, Analytic Philosophy, and Realism."

Jacob Graham defended his dissertation, directed by Dr. Harrington, in March entitled: "The Flourishing Self in Aristotle and the Authentic Self in Heidegger."


Jonathan Mounts defended his dissertation, "The Salvation of the Damned within the Periphyseon." He is a self-employed engineer at Mounts Engineering and Surveying. Dr. Harrington directed.

Frank Scalambrino defended his dissertation, "Non-Being and Memory: A Critique of Pure Difference in Derrida and Deleuze." Dr. Selcer directed.

Grant Julin defended his dissertation, "Kierkegaard's Ethics of Repetition: A Reexamining of the Ethical in the 1843 Authorship" in May. Dr. Ron Polansky directed.


Michael Kilivris defended his dissertation "Affinities: Heidegger and Adorno on Subjectivity."

Taine Duncan defended her dissertation,"Habermas and the Feminist Engagement with Communicative Ethics."

Geoff Bagwell defended his dissertation, "A Study of Plato's Cratylus."

Melanie Walton defended her dissertation, "Expressing the Inexpressible: Bearing Witness in Jean-Francois Lyotard and Pseudo-Dionysius." Director: Lanei Rodemeyer.

Douglas Peduti defended his dissertation, "S.J. Sprache als Be-wëgen: The Unfolding of Language and Being in Heidegger's Later Work, 1949-1976"  Director: James Swindal

Tom Sparrow defended his dissertation,"Sensation Rebuilt: Carnal Ontology in Levinas and Merleau-Ponty." Director: Fred Evans


Kennenth Agede defended his dissertation, "The Transformation of Kant's Transcendental Idealism: Fichte's Wissenschaftslehre." Directed by Tom Rockmore.

Eric Duffy defended his dissertation, "Mounting the Stage of the World: Theory of the Subject as Actor in the Parallel Positions of Johann Gottlieb Fichte and Jean-Paul Sartre." Directed by Tom Rockmore.

Josh Miller defended his dissertation, "On Whether or not Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Lived Body Experience Can Enrich St. Thomas Aquinas's Integral Anthropology." Directed by James Swindal.