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Ph.D. Funding

All students admitted to the Ph.D. program (with the exception of some international students and students with prior semesters of philosophy graduate coursework at Duquesne) receive a five year funding package consisting of an assistantship renewable for four years followed by a fifth year of adjunct teaching. Following the fifth year, financial support in return for additional adjunct teaching is usually available for those who request it.

Ph.D. assistantships include stipends and full tuition waivers. For the 2015-2016 academic year, the stipend is $17,000. The tuition waivers cover all expenses associated with the 48 hours of required course work.

In return for assistantships, students typically take up Teaching Assistant positions for faculty for their first three semesters of the program and teach their own small, introductory-level classes during subsequent semesters.

On a competitive basis, stipend-equivalent dissertation completion fellowships are also offered through the McAnulty Graduate School.

Funding is also usually available for students to intensively study languages abroad during at least one summer in the program. On campus, tuition assistance is usually available for semester language courses.

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