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M.A. Course of Study

Coursework credits. M.A. students take a minimum of 30 graduate course credit hours (10 courses). These must include at least a minimum of one in ancient philosophy, one in medieval philosophy, one in modern philosophy, and one in contemporary philosophy (note: not all graduate courses offered by the department fall into one of these categories). With the approval of the Chair, three credits (1 course) may be taken through other Duquesne departments or at area universities. M.A. students normally complete their coursework in two years, taking 9 credits (3 courses) each semester during their first two years and 6 credits (2 courses) each semester during their second year. Part-time M.A. students may follow an extended or alternative schedule.

Transfer credits. Transfer credits are generally not accepted for the M.A. program. In some cases, up to 6 credits of prior graduate coursework in philosophy at institutions outside the U.S. and Canada may be allowed. Please note that this Philosophy graduate transfer credit policy is more limited than the general Graduate School policy.

Language requirement. M.A. students must demonstrate research competence in one foreign language (normally ancient Greek, Latin, French, or German). Tuition assistance is usually available for semester language courses at Duquesne and intensive summer language study abroad.

Thesis option. M.A. students are not required to write a Master’s Thesis. Those who choose to do so must secure the agreement of a faculty director and register for PHIL 700 Research Thesis during their final two semesters of the program. These 6 Research Thesis credits do count toward the coursework credit requirement detailed above.

Continuation credits. After completing coursework, M.A. students must register for fee-based continuation credits (GRAS 701) to maintain their status as enrolled Duquesne students. Continuous registration does not apply to students on leave of absence. These credits do not count toward the coursework credit requirement detailed above. Note that online registration for these credits is not available; a message stating intent to register for continuation credits must be sent to the Dean’s Office and the Philosophy Department each semester.

Satisfactory Progress. The Chair and Director of Graduate Studies periodically review progress toward degree. Students deemed not to be making satisfactory progress may be placed on probation or asked to leave the program. University policy requires all work leading to a M.A. degree to be completed no more than six years after matriculation.

Degree conferral. M.A. candidates must make a formal application for the degree at the office of the Registrar prior to the date specified in that year’s University Calendar and should be present at graduation. Students must make complete settlement of their financial accounts with the university before any degree will be conferred.

Exchange programs. Students who wish to pursue an exchange program, such as the one set up with Heidelberg University, must discuss this possibility with the chair.