Learn about the UN and diplomacy--and participate in our Model UN Club!

Global problems such as development and human rights are a special interest of the department.

Our students learn to analyze and participate in politics.

Political science: an ideal pre-law major.

Campaigns and elections--the lifeblood of democracy and a focus of our courses.

Why do wars start and end? What are the human costs? Political science answers the world's most pressing problems.

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Welcome to Political Science!

Politics affects all our lives.  

Political Science helps you understand and influence politics--nationally and internationally.  

Join us as we study politics and become more engaged global citizens!


Award-winning faculty, exciting courses, top students, great events.

Concentrations for majors:  American Politics; International Politics; Law & Politics; National Security & Civil Liberty.

Internships: Prepare for your career while earning credits.

Minors: Political Science; American Politics; Global Politics; Law & Politics; National Security & Civil Liberty.

International study.

3-3 Program with Duquesne Law School

Early admissions program with Univ. of Pittsburgh Grad. School of Public & International Affairs (GSPIA)


Our graduates go on to rewarding careers around the world in:

Government: White House; CongressPennsylvania House of Reps

International Affairs: U.S. Foreign Service; Syrian American Council

Homeland Security: FBI, CIA, NSA

Politics: Democratic Party; Republican Party

Education: Harvard Law SchoolOakland Univ.; Buckswood School; Clarion Univ.; Univ. of Cincinnati

Media & Communications: CNN, TimeHuffington PostGannett

Nonprofits & Civil Rights 

Business--multinational & local: Federated Investors; U.S. Travel Association

Law: U.S. Attorney; law firms in Pittsburgh and around the nation

And much more! Explore the great jobs our grads are now doing.