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For the criteria for this scholarship, please see the following link
Ambassador Thomas P. Melady Endowed Scholarship

Janae Staicer Shares Experience of Receiving Melady Scholarship

Political Science StudentMy name is Janae Staicer and I am a junior Political Science major here at Duquesne. This fall, however, I am studying and interning at American University in Washington, D.C. This is made possible by American University's Washington Semester Program. This is a very well developed program in which you get to choose from 12 different programs of study and apply for an internship.

The program seminar in which I am participating is Justice & Law: Public Law. This is unlike any class I have taken before. The professor, a lawyer and former staffer for several committees in the House of Representatives, has a plethora of connections and many years of experience on the Hill and in D.C. Some days we will meet in a classroom on campus for lectures, but most days we spend out in the heart of D.C. meeting important lobbyist, Congressman, and taking site visits to rare-privileged locations.

Once you're admitted to the program, you have access to a database with literally thousands of organizations in D.C. and surrounding areas looking for interns. These postings include law firms, think tanks, governmental agencies, news stations, lobbying firms, and many more. After much consideration, I am doing my internship at the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Colombia.

This is truly an amazing experience. There is an assumption that the price is costly, but since Duquesne is a member school there is a large tuition adjustment as well as financial aid available. In fact, I am the first recipient of the Ambassador Thomas P. Melady Endowed Scholarship. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at


College students may register to vote either in the place where their parents reside (their permanent address), or in the place where they are attending school.  You choose.

In order to find out how to register to vote, contact the Secretary of State's Office in the state in question. To register to vote in Pennsylvania, register online at or you can register at your county registration office.


POSC 430W is the internship class for the Department of Political Science.  This course is by permission only and students can only apply in the spring of their sophomore and junior years.  Students must apply by writing a letter to the Internship Director, Dr. Lew Irwin.  In this letter explain why you want an internship, and why the Department should consider you for one.  POSC is offered in fall semesters.

Requirements:  Interns work 16 hours a week in a state or federal legislative office, doing constituency service work for the most part.  Interns keep a daily log of activities, write a lengthy research paper, and meet regularly with Dr. Irwin.

Placements:  are made with consideration to the student's political party preference and transportaiton needs.  We place with legislators from both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Grades:  are determined by the log, the paper, and the recommendation at the intern's supervisor.

Examples of recent placements:  State Representatives Paul Costa, Tom Stevenson, Tom Solobay, State Senator Jay Costa, U.S. Representatives Phil English, Melissa Hart, Tim Murphy, Mike Doyle; U.S. Senator Arlen Specter.

Who should apply:  If you like working with people, and you would like to be able to observe how legislative offices work, this is the place for you.  You can take pride in helping citizens get their government to solve the kinds of problems that only governments can solve.  If you would prefer to intern in a corportation or a law firm, then you can pursue those kinds of internships through Duquesne's Career Services.

Washington, D.C. Internships:  Major may consider spending a semester at American University or the Washington Internship Institute. 


Each year the faculty of the Department of Political Science examine the records of our top majors to determine whether to present this award to the outstanding senior.  Overall grade point average is a major factor in determining this award, but intellectual capacity as exhibited in classroom performance is considered as well.  Department faculty consider the eligible students, and then decide whether to make the award and to whom.  Awardees are the best of the best.

This award is named for Harold Webb, Jr., who was a member of the Department from 1960 until 1994.  He was a beloved professor who specialized in International Relations.

WEBB Award Winners
1994 Diane O'Toole
1995 Stephanie Muraca
1996 Colin Wrabley
1997 Marco Cercone
1998 Alison K. Nipar
1999 Jennifer Marie Popovich
2000 Robert Kravetz
2001 Meghan Hungate
2002 Adam Warhola
2003 James Naus
2004 Stephen Sawka
2005 Dana Windisch
2006 Joselyn Molinari and Elena Pollock
2007 Lauren Clark
2008 Jamisen Etzel
2009 Amanda Sorrell
2010 Willliam Lewis
2011 Jason Hunt
2012 Jordan Buzza
2013 Emily Farah
2014 Christopher Paul
2015 Lara Konefal-Shaer 

Lara Konefal-Shaer and Dr. Pat Dunham

Lara Konefal-Shaer, 2015 Harold J. Webb, Jr. Excellence in Political Science Award winner, and Dr. Dunham.