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Major or Minor in Political Science

Political life is an expression of some of our deepest human needs and capacities.

Political Science majors at Duquesne University examine the relationships among individuals, groups, institutions, and governments to address the perennial quest for justice, liberty, and the good life that is at the heart of politics. Learn more about what our alumni are doing with their political science degrees!

An International and Comprehensive Major

Political Science courses cover issues as far ranging as:

  • the mass media and politics in the United States.
  • arms proliferation in the developing world.
  • Constitutional law.
  • public policies and the values they build on.
  • democratic and market transitions in former dictatorships.

Students majoring in Political Science develop the skills in thinking, writing, analysis, reading, self-discipline and leadership that are crucial to life success in our rapidly changing world. Such skills not only prepare students for a lifetime of enriched experience, but are the basis for excellence in any field of endeavor that students may choose.