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Department News and Events

Dissertation Defenses

May 23, 2016, 1:00 pm, 202 Rockwell Hall

Kathryn Wagner

Disabling Psychology: A Crip analysis of deaf and blind psychotherapists in practice
Director: Lori Koelsch, Ph.D.
Readers: Jessie Goicoechea, Ph.D. and Russell Walsh, Ph.D.


Metaxu call for papers         

Are you writing a paper for class? Have you written a paper recently and would like to publish it? Metaxu, the Duquesne University Psychology Department's own academic journal, is calling for papers on the broad topic of psychology and post-humanism. Concerned that your paper or your interests aren't within the bounds of post-humanism? You may be pleasantly surprised!  We warmly welcome you to submit your work for consideration.

To learn more about the journal and to access previous issues, please visit: http://metaxujournal.com/contact

Specific questions or concerns? You can email the Metaxu editorial team at: metaxujournal@gmail.com


The Cartesian Chasm

Karl Stern's Understanding of the Roots of our Cultural Pathology

Here's a link to the October 9th lecture


Undergraduate News and Announcements

This page is your source for information about student organizations in psychology, schedules, news, and other resources about the Psychology Department at Duquesne University. For the latest scheduling and course information visit this page often during the semester for updates.

Students and faculty at the Spring Meet and Greet


Silverman Symposium

Each year, the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center holds a Symposium on a specific theme, featuring internationally renowned scholars in phenomenology.