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Areas of Faculty Research and Interest

Our Theology faculty is diverse and dynamic. Students are invited to take advantage of the broad spectrum of research and teaching available at Duquesne.

Feminist Theologies (A. Scheid, Vasko): Feminist theological ethics (A. Scheid); Feminist christology and theological anthropology (Vasko)

Liberation and Postcolonial Theologies (Boodoo, Vasko, Uzukwu)

World Religions, Comparative Theology, Theology of Inter-Religious Dialogue (Boodoo, Iwuchukwu, Madathummuriyil, D. Scheid, Uzukwu)

Intercultural Theology / Themes in Inculturation (Boodoo, Madathummuriyil, Worgul, Uzukwu)

Christology (Boodoo, Bordeianu, Bucur, Cochran, Vasko, Uzukwu)

Pneumatology (Bordeianu, Bucur, Madathummuriyil, Uzukwu [African perspective])

Theological Anthropology (Boodoo, Cochran, O'Brien, Vasko)

Ecclesiology (Bordeianu, Uzukwu)

Theology of Sacraments and Ritual (Madathummuriyill, Worgul, Uzukwu)

Theology of Grace

  • Orthodox theological dialogue (Bordeianu, Bucur)
  • Catholic—Protestant theological dialogue (Cochran)

Theological Ethics (Bailey, Cochran, Mackler, A. Scheid, D. Scheid)

  • Health care ethics and bioethics (Bailey, Cochran, Mackler)
  • History of moral theology (D. Scheid)
  • Theological perspectives on war and reconciliation (A. Scheid)
  • Virtue ethics (Cochran)

Theology of Creation and Environmental Ethics (Bordeianu, D. Scheid)

Catholic Social Thought  (Bailey, O'Brien, A. Scheid, D. Scheid)

Practical / Pastoral Theology (O'Brien)

Phenomenology and Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Theological Hermeneutics (Baird, Boodoo, Madathummuriyil)

Biblical Theology and History of Biblical Exegesis (Bucur, Wright)

Christian Origins and Early Christian Theology (Bordeianu, Bucur, Wright)

Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Christianity (Bordeianu, Bucur, Madathummuriyil)


  • Spirituality and postmodernity (Baird)
  • Christian spirituality; spirituality in other religious traditions (Bucur, D. Scheid)