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MA in Religious Education

This program is designed for students who wish to prepare to serve as directors of religious education and youth ministers in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

  • It is offered by Duquesne University's Department of Theology in collaboration with the Department for Religious Education of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
  • Students enrolled in this program are eligible for a full tuition scholarship, and normally enroll in one course per semester.

Visit the Graduate Course Descriptions page for a list of course titles.

Required courses in theology and catechetics (27 credits)

  • Theol 510, Old Testament
  • Theol 509, New Testament
  • Theol 520, Christology
  • Theol 531, Ecclesiology
  • Theol 538, Sacraments
  • Theol 541, Theological Ethics
  • Theol 543, Social Ethics
  • Theol 577, Introduction to Catechetics/Theology of Human Development
  • Theol 579, Catechesis of Adults/Leadership in Faith Community

Required courses in education (9 credits)

  • GPSY 511, Psychology of Learning
  • GPSY 514, Human Growth and Development
  • Elective course in Education (3 credits)

Financial Assistance for MA in Religious Education

Diocesan Scholarships:  Students working as parish catechetical leaders and youth ministers in the Diocese of Pittsburgh may apply to the Office for Religious Education for full tuition scholarships. Contact the Office for Religious Education at 412.456.3112 for information and application.

Other Forms of Tuition Assistance: Applicants who do not qualify for diocesan sponsorship may apply for University tuition discounts and Department of Theology Tuition Scholarships according to the same guidelines indicated for other department MA degrees.

Partial Tuition Discounts:

MA in theology students may apply for partial tuition assistance as follows. These discounts may be utilized for one degree at Duquesne University, and students must re-apply for them annually. Forms are available through the university Financial Aid Office, phone 412-396-6607.

50% Discount for Lay Ministers and Catholic School Teachers:

Lay ministers employed at least part-time in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh and Greensburg, as well as Catholic school teachers in local dioceses, receive an automatic 50% tuition discount.

50% Discount for Clergy and Vowed Religious:

Ordained clergy of any denomination and members of Catholic religious congregations receive an automatic 50% tuition discount.

50% Discount for Students over age 60.


Additional Information

For additional information on the MA in Religious Education, please contact:

Dr. Elizabeth Cochran, Director of Graduate Studies

Fisher Hall 602