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Contemporary Catholic Health Care Ethics

Second Edition
David F. Kelly, Gerard Magill, and Henk ten Have

Contemporary Catholic Health Care Ethics, Second Edition, integrates theology, methodology, and practical application into a detailed and practical examination of the bioethical issues that confront students, scholars, and practitioners. Noted bioethicists Gerard Magill, Henk ten Have, and David F. Kelly contribute diverse backgrounds and experience that inform the richness of new material covered in this second edition.

The book is organized into three sections: theology (basic issues underlying Catholic thought), methodology (how Catholic theology approaches moral issues, including birth control), and applications to current issues. New chapters discuss controversial end-of-life issues such as forgoing treatment, killing versus allowing patients to die, ways to handle decisions for incompetent patients, advance directives, and physician-assisted suicide. Unlike anthologies, the coherent text offers a consistent method in order to provide students, scholars, and practitioners with an understanding of ethical dilemmas as well as concrete examples to assist in the difficult decisions they must make on an everyday basis (from the publisher's website).

Handbook of Global Bioethics

Henk A.M.J. ten Have; Bert Gordijn (Eds.)

(for Duquesne students and faculty, please follow this link for full access to the book)

 * First comprehensive survey of global bioethics in specific countries Describes and analyses of bioethics in approximately 50 countries

 * Focuses on institutionalisation and the most important state of the art discussions emerging and topics in the field

 * Provides a unique global perspective facilitating comparison of the state of bioethics in various countries

 * Gathers a renowned global group of international authors

As the first of its kind, this handbook presents state-of-the-art information and analysis concerning the state of affairs in bioethics in approximately 50 countries.

The country reports point out the most important discussions as well as the emerging topics in the field. Readers can orientate themselves quickly as regards the various relevant issues, institutional structures and expertise available in these countries.

The authorship of this reference work is truly global as it involves contributions from the best authors with innate knowledge of the bioethics situation in these countries (from the Publisher's website).