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Mission Statement

The Center for Healthcare Ethics is part of the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts at Duquesne University, having offered degree programs in healthcare ethics since 1993. In the spring of 2008, the University assigned the Center the status of being an independent academic unit with faculty tenure.

The Center provides scholarly and professional training in healthcare ethics consistent with the Catholic, Spiritan identity of Duquesne University. The University is committed to an ecumenical atmosphere that is open to diversity in order to celebrate education for the mind, heart, and spirit, and to cultivate academic excellence, ethically responsible judgment, and social justice in a globalized context. The Center incorporates this approach, as described in the Center’s Academic Learning Outcome Assessment Plan and the University’s Strategic Plan.

The Center’s programs, scholarly pursuits, and professional outreach engage interdisciplinary perspectives, including religious traditions (especially Catholic, Christian, and Jewish perspectives) as well as clinical, organizational, professional, and research approaches related to medicine, science, law, policy, social science, and the humanities. Students enroll in academic courses and clinical ethics rotations or internships, combining theoretical and practical learning.

The vision is to provide global leadership in ethics, promoting excellence in scholarship and training graduates academically and professionally to advance discourse on health care ethics in research, teaching, and service. Graduates are trained for a variety of careers including clinical ethics positions in healthcare as well as teaching or research appointments in academic settings.