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The Center for Women's and Gender Studies

Based in the humanities and social sciences, the Center for Women's and Gender Studies (WSGS) offers undergraduate courses available to students in any of the University's programs, as well as graduate courses.

Studies can lead to an undergraduate second major, undergraduate minor, or a graduate certificate/concentration in Women's and Gender Studies. 

An Inter/Multi-Disciplinary Center

The Center introduces students to rapidly expanding areas of scholarship focused upon women, men, gender and sexuality. These are transforming virtually every academic discipline today.  Through a multi- and inter-disciplinary program of study, students will explore how:

  • Women's and men's experiences within history, society, and culture are shaped by their gendered positions
  • Gender positions shape women's and men's responses to experiences
  • Institutions and structures of power relate to women and men as gendered beings
  • Women's and gender studies has influenced scholarship over the last 30 years
  • Focusing on women and gender suggests ways to rethink other scholarly fields or disciplines.

Our Mission

The Center for Women's and Gender Studies aims to promote open dialogue directed toward a vision of a world community that embraces diversity, justice, peace, and freedom - values central to a liberal education. This Center thus participates in Duquesne University's mission to provide for its students not only intellectual breadth but also a moral and ethical foundation for their lifelong personal and professional growth