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Public History Program

Curriculum: 36 credits

All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.  No more than 6 transfer credits may be applied to the graduate Public History degree.

Required Courses: 21 credits

Methodology Courses: 6 credits

HIST 627: Seminar: Public History
HIST 699: Introduction to the Graduate Study of History

Professional Courses: 6 credits

Choose two of the Professional Courses:

HIST 524: Editing Studies
HIST 525: Archival Studies
HIST 526: Museum Studies

Internships: 6 credits

Choose two of the Internships:

HIST 656: Historic Preservation Internship
HIST 657:
Editing Internship
HIST 658: Archival Internship
HIST 659: Museum Internship

American History Survey Courses: 3 credits

Choose one of the American History Surveys:

HIST 563: Early America: Colonization to Revolution
HIST 568: Sectionalism: U.S. History, 1789-1868
HIST 571: Expansion and Reform: U.S. History, 1868-1929
HIST 574: Age of Maturity: U.S. History, 1929 to the present

Electives: 15 credits

You may use any five of the courses listed above that you have not already taken and/or others (primarily American) listed on the Course Descriptions page.