Dr. Jennie Schulze prepares for a lecture with undergraduate students.

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Major and Minor Programs

Guide to Majors

Major in Political Science

The major in Political Science is comprised of 30 credits, including 15 credits of required courses, distributed among the four subfields: American National Government (105), Comparative Political Systems (208 or 209), International Relations (245), Western Political Thought I or Western Political Thought II (317 or 318) and Introduction to Political Analysis (298). Students may design their own course of study for the remaining 15 credits, in consultation with faculty advisors. No more than six credits taken at the 100 level can apply toward the major.

The Optional Law and Pollitics Concentration in Political Science.

Minor in Political Science

The minor in Political Science encompasses 15 credits and can involve specialization in one of the four subfields, or a broader program designed to reflect student interests. No more than three credits at the 100 level can apply toward the minor.

Double Major

Students in the College of Liberal Arts may double major and every year a number of Political Science majors take advantage of this opportunity. Work in almost any other discipline can complement the study of politics. Students may want to consider a double major in light of career goals, or simply to deepen and give greater coherence to their undergraduate educations.

For Current Students:

Declaring Your Major in Political Science

Use this link to log into DORI and complete the Major/Minor Declaration Form.

(Log into DORI > index> Liberal Arts> Resources for Undergraduate Students >Major/Minor Declaration Form.)

Once you have submitted the Major/Minor Declaration Form, the form will be sent to the Department.

  • You will be notified by the Department that the form has been received.
  • You will need to make an appointment to meet with Dr. Dunham, the Chair of the Department, to declare your major officially.
  • You will then need to make an appointment with the Department's Administrative Assistant to take an assessment exam.
Five Year Program for Graduate Study

For students who wish to move quickly and efficiently into graduate strudy we offer a five-year program which leads to both a BA in Political Science and an MA in Social and Public Policy.  Qualifying students my apply in their third year for this program.  The fourth year curriculum overlaps the two programs as these courses count for both undergraduate and graduate credit.  The MA degree is then completed during the fifth year.  Leaving Duquesne with two degrees in social science can provide students with a significant advantage on the job market, or a rapid track toward a Ph.D.