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McAnulty College Majors, Minors, and Programs

Duquesne Student

Art History (Major/Minor)

Business Certificate (Minor)

Classics (Major/Minor)

Communication Studies (Major/Minor)

Computer Science (Major/Minor)

Corporate Communication (Major)

Digital Media Arts (Major/Minor)

Economics (Major/Minor)

English (Major/Minor)

Film Studies (MInor)

Gerontology (Minor)

History (Major/Minor)

Integrated Marketing Communication (Major)

Intercultural Engagement (Minor)

International Relations (Major)

Journalism and Multimedia Arts (Major)

Liberal Arts Self-designed Major (Major)

Mathematics (Major/Minor)

Modern Languages and Literatures (Major)

Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution (Minor)

Philosophy (Major/Minor)

Political Science (Major/Minor)

Pre-Law (Program)

Pre-Health Professions (Minor)

Psychology (Major/Minor)

Public Relations/Advertising (Major/Minor)

Rhetoric (Major)

Sociology (Major/Minor)

Theology (Major/Minor)

Theater Arts (Major/Minor)

Women's and Gender Studies (Minor or Secondary Major)

World Literature (Minor)

In addition to meeting the requirements of their major and minor (or second major), all Liberal Arts students must complete the College core requirements to earn a B.A. or B.S. degree.