Dr. Pat Dunham/Political Science Department

Political Science Department
503 College Hall
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh,, PA 15282
Email: dunham@duq.edu
Phone: 412-396-6485
Fax: 412-396-4258

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News Groups (ListServs)
  • You can join a ListServ by sending e-mail to the computer where it is administered. ListServs are groups that are interested in a specific topic. Rather than sending e-mail to other individuals, they send it to the ListServ's computer account and it is forwarded to all users. Some are very active, with members sending many messages each day to the group. Others have very little activity. Here are some that might be of interest: To join any of these, send a message to their subscription address. The message should contain one line and say:
    sub   listname   Your Name   

    Example: sub H-Pol Thomas Hartley
    In a few days, you will receive a message from the listserv telling you that you are now a member and explaining how to use the list. If they have a different method for subscribing, they will send a memo a different way to subscribe, or

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