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Undergraduate Minor

Requirements for the Minor

Intro to Women's and Gender Studies 3 credits
Electives that include more than one discipline 12 credits
TOTAL 15 credits

  • Students may seek permission from the WGS Steering Committee to substitute one course not cross-listed with the Women's and Gender Studies Center.
  • The course should include identifiable content devoted to women's or gender studies, and the student must be able to do a significant project or assignment based within the fields of women's studies or gender studies.
  • The student must submit a short proposal to the Steering Committee by mid-term of the semester in which the course is taken, explaining how the student plans to fulfill the requirement. This proposal must be approved by and signed by the instructor.
  • Directed Readings: Students may seek permission from the WGS Steering Committee to take no more than one directed reading course for credit toward the minor.
  • Up to one course per major or another minor may count toward the Women's and Gender Studies minor.

Undergraduate Minor Requirements

    Course Offerings

    Current course descriptions.

    The following courses are offered on a regular basis in the Women's and Gender Studies Center:

    WSGS 202 / THEO 201, "Women and Christianity"
    WSGS/PSYC 453, "Psychology of Gender"
    WSGS/JMA 421, "Sex, Myth, and Media"
    WSGS/HIST 433, "Gender in American History"

    All courses are cross-listed with departmental offerings. In addition to these regular courses, a number of special topics courses are offered each semester.