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circle, the world, the earth

Study other lands, cultures, and states.

Hear from students who selected Orbis as their Learning Community.

Director: Dr. Mark Frisch, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Faculty members of Orbis from left to right: Professor, Bill Klewien, Dr. Mark Frisch, Dr. Doug Harper, Dr. Jessica McCort, and Dr. Matthew Hyland.

Faculty of Orbis

View a slide show of ORBIS's exciting work.


Fall 2015
UCOR 030C, Research and Information Skills, Prof. William Klewien
UCOR 101C, Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum, Dr. Jessica McCort
HIST 151C, Shaping of the Modern World, Dr. Philip Stelzel
SOC 124C, Global Sociology

Spring 2016
UCOR 102C, Imaginative Literature & Critical Writing, Dr. Jessica McCort (optional)
WDLT 102C, New Voices, Questions, Realities, Dr. Mark Frisch


Look at photos and read testimonials from ORBIS students to see how their experience outside the classroom complements what they're doing in class.


ORBIS resident students live on the exciting new Global Diversity floor in Towers Living-Learning Center, along with students in NARRATIO and a number of Duquesne's international students, women in 7A and 7B, men in 8A. ORBIS students don't need to apply to live on the Global Diversity floor; all ORBIS students who live on campus are automatically accepted onto the floor.