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excellence, goodness, worth, virtue

Seek virtue through examining heroes and villains, past and present.

Director: Dr. Ann Marie Popp, Department of Sociology

Faculty members of Virtus from left to right: Dr. Ann Marie Popp, Prof. Jolene McIlwain, and Dr. Danielle St. Hilaire

Faculty of Virtus

Look at a PowerPoint presentation that describes VIRTUS's plans for the year.


Fall 2014
UCOR 030C, Research and Information Skills, Prof. Robert Behary
UCOR 101C, Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum, Prof. Jolene McIlwain
CLSX 105C, Ancient Heroes
SOC 101C, Survey of Sociology, Dr. Ann Marie Popp

Spring 2015
ENG 204C, Bad Boys, Dr. Danielle St. Hilaire


Look at photos and read what students had to say about what they learned outside the classroom from their service.


VIRTUS resident students live on the 7th floor of Towers Living-learning Center.

Towers is in the lower right-hand corner of the campus map.