Broaden your global understanding by living on this unique floor in Towers.

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Global Diversity Floor

New to Towers beginning Fall 2013


Do you dream of exploring distant lands?
Love to learn about different cultures?
Hope to work in international business or health care?
Looking to meet others who embrace the world as one big community?


In the fall of 2013, Residence Life launched a global diversity floor in Towers Living Learning Center for students with an interest in international affairs and global cultures. Students living on this floors will:

  • Build friendships with like-minded students, as well as those from other cultures and countries
  • Immerse themselves in an environment that helps contribute to international understanding
  • Participate in floor programs-dinners, outings, service projects, lectures-that broaden global interests and knowledge
Who will live on these floors?

Students from a variety of backgrounds will come together to create the Global Diversity floor. From the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts, the first-year NARRATIO and ORBIS learning communities will be embedded on the  floors. These students will fill about 60 beds, with the approximately 20 other beds being filled by international students.

How do I know if this opportunity is right for me?

You will likely enjoy living on one of these floors if you:

  • Value and enjoy diversity
  • Are interested in or already enjoyed a semester studying abroad
  • Are interested in other cultures, humanitarian service, international business, global health care, world music, international relations, or similar concerns
  • Are adventuresome and like to try new things
  • Would enjoy helping to build a new tradition of diversity and international appreciation at Duquesne University
How to apply

All students interested in living in this unique situation EXCEPT FOR STUDENTS ADMITTED INTO THE NARRATIO OR ORBIS LEARNING COMMUNITIES will have to apply to live on the Global Diversity floor and explain their interest on their application.

Download the application here, or call 412.396.5089 for more information.

The Global Diversity floor is a joint effort of the McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, the Office of Residence Life and the Office of International Programs.