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Departmental Internships

The following College programs include internship opportunities or requirements within their curriculums:

Art History

ARTHY, "Internship"

Communication and Rhetorical Studies

COMM 498, "Internship"

Digital Media Arts

JMA 451, "Digital Media Internship"


HIST 490, "History Internship"


JMA 452, "Journalism/Media Internship"
JMA 482, "Practicum: College Radio"
JMA 483, "Practicum: Journalism"

Media Management and Production

JMA 452, "Journalism/Media Internship"

Modern Languages and Literatures

MLGFR/MLGGE/MLGIT/MLGJA/MLGSP 495, "Professional Language Internship"

Political Science

POLSC 430W, "Internship in Practical Politics"


PSYCH 391, "Applied Psychology Practicum"

Public Relations and Advertising

JMA 452, "Journalism/Media Internship"


SOC 450, 451, 452, 453, "Fieldwork"

Theatre Arts

THEA 499, "Directed Studies"

Students should investigate these opportunities or requirements by viewing the course offerings within each department, or by talking with their academic advisor.