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Goals, Testimonials and Reports

The Learning Communities:

  • Help first-year students in the College find friends and study companions.
  • Create a sense of identity and unity among students in the College of Liberal Arts
  • Help students learn to relate topics in different courses.
  • Connect the classroom with the community through service.
  • Give students an advantage that helps them succeed as college freshmen.

In addition, each learning community has its own goals, related to its theme.

Choose and enroll in a learning community.

Testimonials and Reports from Recent Learning Communities Members

81% of the students in the fall 2008 learning communities said that the most helpful aspect of the learning communities was that they quickly found friends and study companions.

" The learning community helped me make friends and close bonds easier. Having my classmates as neighbors is great."--FIDES student

" It has helped me to be more comfortable with my transition into college. I was able to form friendships with this group of people where I think I would not have as much if we only had a single class together.   I have also been able to get to know these instructors better than others."--PERSONAE student

" As a commuter, it was helpful being in a learning community to make new friends and go to the helpful professors for any questions."--NARRATIO student

" The learning communities are a great way for first-year students to make friends."--PERSONAE student

" I just really liked our learning community. It was really fun to be in classes together and live on the same floor. I think that the learning community idea is a really good idea for helping freshmen adjust to college."--POPULUS student

They reported that one of the most interesting, fun and engaging aspects of the learning communities was service-learning.

" The community service outside of class was a lot of fun. It opened the door to new experiences and new friends."--CIVITAS student

"The service-learning project was very beneficial and fun."--POPULUS student

Students also liked that they could relate the topics in their different courses.

"The themes in classes are linked, and you get a better view of the subject from different approaches in every class."--PERSONAE student

"It helps to have three classes all dealing with the same thing because assignments and readings from one class can aid in understanding material in another class."--POPULUS student

"I tend to focus a lot more time on my classes that are L.C. classes and even though I logically know that they are no more important than my other classes, I still spend more time with them."--ORBIS student

"The teachers were very good at working together to integrate their courses in different projects and activities."--RATIO student

Choose and enroll in a learning community.