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justice, equity, rightness

Search for truth and justice through evidence in the public sphere.

Hear from students who selected JUSTITIA as their Learning Community.

Director: Dr. Jeffrey McCurry, Department of Philosophy

View a slide show about JUSTITIA.

Faculty members of JUSTITIA from left to right: Dr. Kelly Arenson, Professor, Hannah Cherico Karolak, Professor, Susan Carr, Dr. Alia Pustorino, Dr. Jeffrey McCurry

Justitia Faculty


Fall 2015

UCOR 030C, Research and Information Skills, Dr. Alia Pustorino
UCOR 132C, Basic Philosophical Questions, Dr. Jeffrey McCurry & Prof. Jessica Konig
COMM 102C, Public Speaking, Dr. Ronald Arnett & Prof. Susan Carr & Hannah Cherico Karolak
SOCI 103C, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Dr. Norman Conti

Spring 2016

UCOR 151C, Philosophical Ethics, Dr. Kelly Arenson


Dr. Conti teaching in the Allegheny County JailDr. Norman Conti teaching Introduction to Criminal Justice to "outside" (JUSTITIA) and "inside" (incarcerated) students

See photos and read testimonials of students from JUSTITIA about the classes they took alongside inmates in the Allegheny County Jail.


JUSTITIA resident students live in St. Martin Living-learning Center.

St. Martin is in the lower right-hand corner of the campus map.