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telling relating, narrative, story

Engage the world through stories.

Director: Dr. Matthew Ussia, Department of English

Faculty members of Narratio: Dr. Giselle Auger and Dr. Matthew Ussia

Narratio Faculty


Fall 2015
UCOR 030C, Research and Information Skills, Prof. Margaret Balmert
UCOR 101C, Thinking and Writing across the Curriculum, Dr. Matthew Ussia
UCOR 141C, Biblical and Historical Perspectives, Dr. Daniel Frayer-Griggs
JMA 240C, Media and Society, Dr. Giselle Auger

Spring 2016
UCOR 102C, Imaginative Literature & Critical Writing, Dr. Matthew Ussia (optional)
CLPR 180C, Liberal Arts in Action, Prof. Mike Clark
ENGL 113C, Literature and Diversity, Dr. Thomas Kinnahan

Watch a PowerPoint presentation that explains NARRATIO.


Take a look at photos and testimonials of students who helped at the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council as part of their NARRATIO curriculum.


NARRATIO resident students live on the exciting new Global Diversity floor in Towers Living-Learning Center, along with students in ORBIS and a number of Duquesne's international students, women in 7A and 7B, men in 8A. NARRATIO students don't need to apply to live on the Global Diversity floor; all NARRATIO students who live on campus get on without having to apply.