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Conference Session Titles and Descriptions

June 22, 2013
2013 ECMI Conference
Sing and Play: Musical Possibilities for Preschoolers

Get on Board! ECMI Opening Session (Rachel Whitcomb)

• The Opening Session of the ECMI Conference will invite attendees to Get on Board and include musical activities into instruction. Train-inspired rhymes and songs will be featured during this interactive workshop. Demonstration lessons will include musical icons and symbols as well as ways to incorporate music into children's literature.

Being Playful: Tapping Responsiveness, Imagination, Literacy, and Fun in Ourselves and Children (Peggy Bennett)

• With a playful attitude, playful techniques, and playful activities, we can enliven ourselves and our students through music. Immediately usable nursery rhymes, singing games, and masterworks will be offered for your early childhood settings.

Variety is the Spice of Life!: Creating an Engaging Music Environment for Preschoolers (Kerry Filsinger)

• In this interactive session, get ready to listen, move, and sing as you learn strategies for creating a music environment in your preschool! You will learn engaging songs and activities, and receive helpful resources that you can apply immediately to your classroom!

It's as Easy as ABC! (Rachel Pollard)

• As we work our way through the alphabet, you'll be armed with user-friendly ideas, relevant resources and accessible activities to enjoy with your students. Educational richness and musical quality can be both joyful for the students, and easy and fun for you! Come and C how easy A song can B!

ECMI Sharing Session (Rachel Whitcomb)

• The ECMI Sharing Session will feature videos of music lessons (with children) from the past year of ECMI instruction along with a discussion of developmentally appropriate musical practices within each video activity. Dr. Rachel Whitcomb, along with two undergraduate ECMI teachers, will share highlights of ECMI from the 2012-2013 academic year.

ECMI Closing Session (Rachel Whitcomb)

• The Closing Session of the ECMI Conference will share additional train-inspired songs and rhymes, wrapping up ideas from the Opening Session. Dr. Whitcomb will share the ECMI Lending Library of instruments and musical materials for future use by preschool teachers.