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Audition Overview

You have taken the first step by submitting your application for admission. Now, it's time to schedule your audition!

The Mary Pappert School of Music utilizes an online platform, Accept'd, to schedule auditions, communicate with students, and collect the documentation required for admission (letters of recommendation, essay or statement of purpose, resume, any required digital media etc). To register for an audition, all applicants must create a digital profile using the Accept'd online portal.

Create Profile

        *Click here to get started.

To register, simply select your degree, instrument, choose your program and click 'Register'.

Accept'd Portal Login Example

*Example shown is for an undergraduate piano performance major.

Audition Requirements  


Applicants will have approximately 10 minutes to perform for a faculty committee. In addition to prepared works, specified in the Instrument Audition Guidelines, students should be ready to demonstrate technical studies and/or scales. Music Education, Music Therapy, Music Technology and Bachelor of Arts in Music applicants will also complete an admission interview on the day of their audition.

*Applicants submitting a recorded audition must follow the same instrument audition guidelines as the on-campus auditions. Phone interviews with music school faculty members will be scheduled for music education, music theory and music technology applicants.

Approximately 1 week prior to the scheduled audition date, applicants will receive an audition reminder via email along with an audition-day schedule. This message will also include a web-link for completing an online Musicianship Placement Exam. It is recommended that the placement exam be taken prior to arriving on campus for the audition. However, there will be opportunities to take the exam in the music school computer lab the day of the audition.

*Parents/guardians are invited to attend concurrent informational sessions while auditions are conducted.


Applicants should prepare a total of 25-30 minutes of solo repertoire, equivalent to that of an undergraduate senior recital. Master of Music in Performance; Collaborative Piano Emphasis applicants will also be required to sight-read accompaniments from instrumental and vocal repertoire.  View the graduate audition requirements.

*Applicants submitting a recorded audition must follow the same audition requirements as the on-campus auditions.

Jazz Auditions (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Applicants that have expressed interest in supplemental jazz studies will also schedule a 15-minute jazz audition. This audition will be performed on the same day as the standard/classical audition. View the jazz audition guidelines.

*The results of the jazz audition will not be considered when evaluating an applicant's performance in the required standard/classical audition.

Questions? Contact the Office of Music Admissions  (412) 396-5064.