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Tempo Magazine

Each year, the Mary Pappert School of Music publishes a magazine that chronicles the achievements and milestones of its students, faculty and staff. Here, you will find all issues of Tempo dating back to its inception in the fall of 2001.

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Tempo 2016–2017 space


Feature Stories:

Eyes and Ears of the Spirit: A Multi-Sensory Music Experience
Ed Stephan Q&A
Grad Wins Two Major Auditions
Kikta Scores and Performs Premiere with NYC Ballet

tempo 2014-15 space


Feature Stories:

Harp Student Sophie Graf Wins Anne Adams Award
TEMPO Interviews New Dean, Seth Beckman
One Roof: One Voice

tempo 2013-2014


Feature Stories:

MPSOM: Looking to the Future
Music for the Spirit
Brett Williams Achieves Dreams on European Tour

tempo 2012-2013 spacer


Feature Stories:

City Music Center Expands
Countertenor Andrey Nemzer Wins at the Met
Introducing New Alumni Featurettes - Encore

2012 spacer

Fall 2012

Feature Stories:

Guitar and Bass Workshop Keeps Rockin'
Steelers Coach Scores Guitar Award

2011 spacer

Fall 2011

Feature Stories:

Pappert Center Dedication
Sax Quartet Wins National Recognition 


2010 spacer

Fall 2009

Feature Stories:

Introducing the Dr. Thomas D. Pappert Center for Performance and Innovation

2009 spacer

January 2009

Feature Stories:

DU Guitar Roundup

2008 spacer

January 2008

Feature Stories:

Voices of Spirit European Tour
Brahms on the Bluff Concludes 

2007 spacer


Feature Stories:

O Come All Ye Faithful
David Allen Wehr Appointed to Geltz Chair 

2005 spacer


Feature Stories:

Brahms on the Bluff
Music Program Celebrates Advent 

2004 spacer

Fall 2004

Feature Stories:

Looking Good, Sounding Great
New Song Begins for Voice Study Program 

2003 spacer

Fall 2003

Feature Stories:

New Master's in Music Technology Now at Duquesne

2002 spacer

Fall 2002

Feature Stories:

Unmasking a Musical Mystery

2001 spacer

Fall 2001

Feature Stories:

Striking a Note in the Key of Excellence