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Music Education Research Design

Instructor: Dr. Judith Bowman

Dates: Monday, July 7 - Friday, July 18
9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Room 201

2 Graduate Credits
GSUM 565


Research seminar focusing on development of a research proposal to investigate contemporary issues in music education. In this course you will examine questions and problems of music teaching and learning that are of particular interest to you. You will explore ways to investigate those problems by designing a classroom research project, and you will learn how to carry out a research project and write a research report. Coursework is divided into content areas that correspond to major phases of the research process: formulation of a topic and development of specific research questions, review of related literature, and design of research methodology.

Instructor: Judith Bowman, Ph.D., Professor of Music Education and Music Technology

Two weeks prior to the beginning of the course, selected materials will be available on Blackboard for pre-reading and preparation for in-class discussions. Students registered for these courses will be expected to complete the readings prior to the first day of class and be prepared to participate in discussions. We recommend registering as soon as possible to ensure prompt access to the Blackboard site (www.blackboard.duq.edu).