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Office of the Dean

Photo of Dr. Philip ReederPhilip Reeder, Ph.D.

100-A Mellon Hall
Email: reederp@duq.edu

Dr. Phillip D. PalmerPhillip Palmer, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean

100-2 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4793
Email: palmerp1@duq.edu

Jean StoneJean Stone
Assistant to the Dean

100-3 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4900
Email: stonej2@duq.edu

Denise VeselicDenise Veselic
Administrative Assistant

100 Mellon Hall
Office Phone:  412-396-6349
Email:  veselicd@duq.edu

Amie WaltersAmie Walters
Business Manager

100-1 Mellon Hall
Office Phone:  412-396-4876
Email:  waltersa@duq.edu

Student Services

Philip ClarkePhilip Clarke
Director, Student Services

329 Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4172
Email: clarkep1736@duq.edu

Heather CostelloHeather Costello
Senior Academic Advisor: Graduate Students

100-C Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6339
Email: costelloh@duq.edu

Diana DawsonDiana L. Dawson
Academic Advisor:  Undergraduate Students

100-D Mellon Hall
Office Phone:  412.396.4834
Email:  dawsond@duq.edu

Katie JonesKatie Jones
Senior Academic Advisor: Undergraduate Students

339B Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4921
Email: jonesk384@duq.edu

Technical Support

Dan BodnarDaniel Bodnar
Manager Instrument Maintenance

B-2 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5042
Email: bodnard@duq.edu

Lance CrosbyLance Crosby
Instrument Technician

B-2 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5042
Email: crosbyl1711@duq.edu

Chris LawsonChris Lawson
Instrument Technician

B-2 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.5042
Email: lawsonc@duq.edu