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Joseph W. Sallmen II

3rd Year Ph.D Candidate
Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Biological Sciences

McCormick Lab, Mellon Hall
Phone: x4365


B.S. Biology and Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, 2011
B.A. History, University of Pittsburgh, 2011
Research Project

Streptomyces coelicolor is the best characterized member of the Streptomyces genus which are composed of filamentous, sporulating Gram-positive bacteria. The goal of my project is to analyze the functions of two abundant, regulatory gene families common to streptomycetes and other complex actinomycetes by characterizing the plasmid-encoded and developmentally-associated regulatory proteins, SapR and SapS.These proteins influence the composition of the spore-coat because they appear to be important for the expression of the spore-coat protein operon, sapCED, and spore-associated proteins.  I'm also interested in identifying other components of the spore coat.