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Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

Graduate Program Curriculum

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(Revised 6/9/2009)

Year 1, Semester 1 Credits
Molecular and Organismal Biology I (BIOL 645) 5
Intro to Graduate Research I (Biol 695) 3
Seminar (Biol 690) 0
Year 1, Semester 2 Credits
Molecular and Organismal Biology II (BIOL 647) 3
Intro to Graduate Research II (Biol 696) 3
Seminar (Biol 690) 1
Ethics in Biology (Biol 674) 1
Year 2, Semester 1 Credits
Elective 3
Advanced Topic** or Elective 2-3
Seminar (Biol 690) 1
Thesis Research (Biol 680) 1-2
Year 2 Semester 2 Credits
Advanced Topic** or Elective 2-3
Dissertation/Thesis Research (Biol 680) 5-6
Seminar (Biol 690) 0

ELECTIVES: Biochemistry I is strongly suggested as an elective.

ADVANCED TOPICS: ** Students beginning with the B.S. degree and planning to pursue a Ph.D.  must take at least six short Advanced Topic courses.  Note: The topics for the courses change each semester.

SEMINARS: All graduate students are required to attend ALL departmental seminars each semester.

FULL-TIME STATUS: Students must be full time to be on a teaching assistantship.  Eight (8) credits are considered full time for BSNES graduate students.

RESEARCH CREDITS: Students must complete 17 credits of Ph.D. Research to qualify for a Ph.D. degree.  Credits will be divided over the course of the student’s enrollment depending on the need for full time status each semester.  Students may be required to take additional courses on the recommendation of their Ph.D. advising committee.

TOTAL NUMBER OF CREDITS FOR DEGREES: For students entering our program with the B.S. degree, a total of 44-56 credits are required for the Ph.D. degree, depending on the advice of the student’s advising committee.  For students entering our Ph.D. program with the M.S. degree, 17-24 credits are required depending on the advice of the student’s advising committee.

CONTINUOUS REGISTRATION: For Ph.D. candidates, continuous registration can only be used upon completion of all Ph.D. course credits, qualifier examination credits, and thesis research credits.  Continuous registration cannot be combined with a course for credit.