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Dual Degree Programs

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, in conjunction with other Schools, Departments, and Programs on campus, offers two five-year dual degree programs.

B.S. in Chemistry / M.S. in Education

Students begin as a Chemistry major, taking all Chemistry requirements. In the third year, students apply to the School of Education for admission into the M.S. program. During the fourth year, students begin taking education courses and, during the fifth year, take exclusively education courses.

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B.S. in Chemistry/ M.S. in Environmental Science and Management

Students apply directly to the Environmental Science and Management program and, after acceptance, can choose to study for a B.S. in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, or Environmental Science.

All the requirements for the Chemistry degree are the same as for a Chemistry major but, in the fourth year, courses in environmental science are taken. These courses count toward Chemistry electives and requirements for Environmental Science and Management.

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B.S. in Chemistry or Biochemistry / M.S. in Biotechnology

The M.S. in Biotechnology provides the benefits of an advanced degree with only one additional year of study. Early admission into the program will allow you to start earning graduate credits while still an undergraduate student with all of the financial advantages involved.

Many biotechnology courses are taught in the evening and late afternoon at times that allow undergraduates enrolled in the 4+1 program to easily schedule graduate electives that count toward the M.S. in Biotechnology.