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Graduate Financial Support and Fellowships

Research Training Fellowships

The department offers research training fellowships to Ph.D. students. Stipends and tuition are provided by individual research grants and Duquesne University teaching assistantships.  Exceptional candidates may be awarded Bayer Fellowships at $20,500 their first two years. M.S. students are not eligible to receive any stipend or tuition assistance.  If an M.S. student wishes to apply for advancement to Ph.D. candidacy, the student will be considered for a teaching assistantship, but none are guaranteed. Scholarships may be available on a competitive basis.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistantship reappointment for each semester is contingent on positive research evaluation by the Thesis Committee, satisfactory fulfillment of teaching responsibilities, and satisfactory academic evaluation by the Office of the Dean in conjunction with the Director of Departmental Affairs. Teaching Assistantship appointments are not automatically extended for more than four years. Students who do not complete a dissertation by the 8th semester may be considered for additional departmental support on a semester by semester basis, provided they have made significant progress towards their degree. No graduate students will receive departmental funding after the 5th year.