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M.S. Degrees in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Master's degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry can be applied to in two forms:

  • Research Thesis M.S.
  • Non-Thesis M.S.

M.S. Research Thesis in Chemistry or Biochemistry

M.S. Research Thesis program emphasizes research over coursework. The Thesis M.S. is offered primarily for students seeking a fairly rapid transition from their undergraduate experience to a research laboratory, usually in the chemical and biochemical industries.

For the Research Thesis M.S., the student completes two research rotations, takes classes decided on by the mentoring committee, and completes and defends a thesis. The timeline in the first year is therefore nearly the same as for the Ph.D. program, although M.S. students will generally have a much more carefully planned curriculum for the first two years.

M.S. Non-Thesis in Chemistry or Biochemistry

The M.S. Non-Thesis program is based entirely on advanced coursework. The Non-Thesis M.S. is offered to students wishing to expand greatly their theoretical and practical understanding of the sciences of chemistry and biochemistry.

The Non-Thesis M. S. student takes 30 credits of graduate classes and gives one public seminar.