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Spring 2018 Seminar Series

“Photokinetic induction of TDP-43 proteinopathy reveals an RNA-independent mechanism of aggregation” Hosted by Dr. Rita Mihailescu

Jan 26 Ashley Koval
DU Chem/Biochem
"Density Functional Characterization of Iron-Sulfur Clusters"
Riley Workman
DU Chem/Biochem
"Investigating Hydrogen Bonding Strength of Polyglutamine Peptides"
Feb 2 Khiry Patterson
DU Chem/Biochem
"Enhancing de novo peptide sequencing by way of N-terminal imine modification"
James Henderson
DU Chem/Biochem
"Direct Speciated Isotopic Determination of Hexavalent Chromium in Dietary Supplements"
Feb 9 Sean Fischer
DU Chem/Biochem
"Synthesis and characterization of sequence-controlled polymers prepared by photoinduced atom transfer radical polymerization"
Amy Carlson
DU Chem/Biochem
"Understanding Molecular Adsorption on TiO2 Surfaces"
Feb 16 Mike Novak
DU Chem/Biochem
"Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP) of Acidic Monomers"
Gabby Pros
DU Chem/Biochem
"Investigation of cascade atom transfer radical cyclization (ATRC) using unsymmetrical 1,6-diene esters"
Feb 23 Inoka Pathiraja
DU Chem/Biochem
"Non-enzymatic Decarboxylation of β-Keto Carboxylic Acids: Critical Assessment of Malonate Conformation, Ionization and Solvation Effects"
Kayce Tomcho
DU Chem/Biochem
"Refining Glycine Receptor Allostery using Single Cys Mutations and CX-MS"
Mar 2 A.J. Rupprecht
DU Chem/Biochem
"Surface Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (SI-ATRP) for Corrosion Resistant Surfaces"
Tell Lovelace
DU Chem/Biochem
"Immobilization of Anti-Platelet Molecules on Implant Materials"
Mar 9 Spring Break No Seminar
Mar 16 Luke Metzler
DU Chem/Biochem
"Uncovering the Structure of N-Terminus Derivatized Alanylglycine"
Jennifer Glenn
DU Chem/Biochem
"The Next Step for Quaternary Diamond-like Semiconductors with Applications in Nonlinear Optics"
Mar 23 Logan Miller
DU Chem/Biochem
"Quantitative Mass Spectrometry to Address Your Many Questions"
Irena Tatosian and Amanda Bubas
DU Chem/Biochem
Van Stipdonk Research Group
Mar 30 Easter Break No Seminar
Apr 6 Christopher Donnelly, Ph.D.
Univ of Pitt School of Medicine

“Photokinetic induction of TDP-43 proteinopathy reveals an RNA-independent mechanism of aggregation”

Hosted by Dr. Mihaela Rita Mihailescu

Apr 13 Mesay Wolle
US Food and Drug Administration

"Challenges and solutions in speciation analysis"

Hosted by Dr. Skip Kingston

Apr 20 Mike Van Stipdonk
Duquesne University
“Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry: Why It’s Fun, and Why It Matters”
Apr 27 Steffen Lindert
The Ohio State University

“Folding Proteins with Computers and Video Games - Protein Structure Prediction Guided by Covalent Labeling and SID Mass Spectrometry Data” Hosted by Dr. Mike Cascio