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University Core Courses

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English Composition (both required)
UCOR 101 Thinking and Writing
UCOR 102 Imaginative Literature and Critical Writing
6 credits
Mathematics (waived for BSNES students) 0 credits
Natural Science (waived for BSNES students) 0 credits
Philosophy (required)
UCOR 132 Basic Philosophical Questions
3 credits
Theology (one of the following required)
UCOR 141 Biblical and Historical Perspectives
UCOR 142 Theological Views of the Person
UCOR 143 Global and Cultural Perspectives
3 credits
Ethics (one of the following required)
UCOR 151 Philosophical Ethics
UCOR 152 Theological Ethics
UCOR 207W Medical Ethics
UCOR 253/THEO 353 Health Care Ethics
3 credits
Research/Info Skills (required)
COSC 030 Research/Info Skills
1 credit
Creative Arts (one of the following required)
ARHY 100 Understanding Art
ARHY 111 Art History: Ancient to Medieval World
ARHY 112 History of Art: Renaissance to Modern
ARHY 161/CORE 161/IHP 161 Art and Human Experience
FINR 101 Design 1
FINR 103 Drawing
FINR 105 Drawing for Sciences
FINR 227 Art of Photography
FINR 235 Computer Art 1
ENGL 101 Multi Genre Creative Writing
THEA 100 Creative Dramatics: Acting
THEA 151 Theater Studies
MUNM 175 Jazz: An American Art Form
MUENS 139/142 Voices of Spirit (one credit course, must be taken for 3 semesters for credit)
3 credits
Faith and Reason (one of the following required)
ARHY 217 Religion, Reason and Visual Culture
HIST 171 History of Christianity
HIST 172 American Religious Experience
PHIL 301 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 203 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 219 Christian Philosophy
PHIL 313 Philosophy of Religion
SOCI 205 Person and Society
SOCI 333 Sociology of Religion
THEO 232 Faith and Atheism
MUSC 301W Musicianship V
3 credits
Global Diversity (one of the following required)
COMM 114 Exploring Intercultural Communication
ENGL 102 Immigrant Literature
ENGL 113 Literature and Diversity
ECON 342 Global Economic Perspectives
HIST 151/CORE 151/IHP 151 Shaping of the Modern World
HIST 161 Latin American Civilizations
HIST 162 East Asian Civilizations
PHIL 201 Race Matters
MLJA 206 Japanese Culture
SOCI 104 Cultural Anthropology
THEO 283/CORE 183 Judaism, Christianity and Islam
3 credits
Social Justice (one of the following required)
COMM 103 Exploring Interpersonal Communication
ECON 121 Elements of Economics
PHIL 260 Philosophy of Law
SOCI 101/IHP 142 Survey of Sociology
THEO 264 War and Peace
PJCR 100C Peace, Justice and Conflicts
PSYC/MLFR/MLGE/MLIT/MLSP 270 Perspectives on the Holocaust
SOCI 105 Intro to Peace and Justice
SOCI 124 Global Sociology
SOCI 270/THEO 270 Anti Semitism
3 credits
Total UCOR Curriculum for BSNES Students
**At least one theme area course must be a HISTORY or ART HISTORY course.
***At least one theme area course must be a PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY, or POLITICAL SCIENCE course.
28 credits

Revised 1/08