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CERE Faculty and Staff


Dr. John F. Stolz
Director, Center for Environmental Research and Education
Professor, Environmental Microbiology

Office Phone: 412.396.4367
Email: stolz@duq.edu


Associate Director

Dr. Stanley J. Kabala
Associate Director, Center for Environmental Research and Education

Office Phone: 412.396.4233
Email: kabala@duq.edu


Lisa BarreiroLisa Barreiro, M.S.
Adjunct Professor

Email: barreirol@duq.edu

Mark Collins
Adjunct Professor

Email: pittenvst@yahoo.com

Elisabeth DakinDr. Elizabeth Dakin
Post-doctoral Researcher and Instructor

233 Mellon Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.1104
Email: dakine@duq.edu

Dr. E. Joseph Duckett
Adjunct Professor

Email: joseph.duckett@snclavalin.com

Dr. Frederick W. Fochtman
Director, Forensic Science and Law Master's Program
Adjunct Professor

340 Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.6373
Email: fochtman@duq.edu

Dr. Kevin Garber
Adjunct Professor

Email: kgarber@bccz.com

Bruce M. Herschlag, Esq.
Adjunct Professor

Email: herschlagb@duq.edu

Thomas Jordan, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor

Email: tjordan@keyenvir.com

Dr. H. M. 'Skip' Kingston

Office Phone: 412.396.5564
Email: kingston@duq.edu

Edward C. Moretti
Adjunct Professor

Email: emoretti@moretticonsulting.com

Robert J. Oltmanns
Adjunct Professor


Nancy Perkins, J.D.Nancy Perkins, J.D.
Associate Dean and Professor, School of Law

Phone: 412.396.6284
Email: perkins@duq.edu

Joseph P. Pezze
Adjunct Professor

Dr. James Pinta
Adjunct Professor

Email: james_pinta@urscorp.com

Dr. Brady Porter
Associate Professor

Office Phone: 412.396.5786
Email: porterb@duq.edu

John Quinlisk
Adjunct Professor

Email: quinliskj@duq.edu

Dr. Michelle Schaper
Adjunct Professor

Email: mmschaper@comcast.net

Edward F. Schroth
Adjunct Professor

Email: schroth@duq.edu

Dr. Kyle Selcer
Associate Professor

Office Phone: 412.396.5967
Email: selcer@duq.edu


Dr. Michael J. Tobin
Adjunct Professor

Email: tobin@duq.edu

J. W. (Jack) Ubinger, Jr., Esq.
Adjunct Professor

Email: ubinger@duq.edu

Dr. Sarah Woodley
Associate Professor

Effects of Environmental Stressors on Amphibian Reproduction and Health; Neuroendocrinology of Chemical Communication.

Office Phone: 412.396.6320
Email:  woodleys@duq.edu

Professional Staff

Lisa M. BartonLisa Mikolajek Barton
Student Services and Communication Coordinator

331 Fisher Hall
Office Phone: 412.396.4095
Email: mikolajek@duq.edu

Student Staff

Patrick McKee, graduate assistant
Megan Morrisey,
graduate assistant
Paige Brocious, student aide