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Fall 2017: DNP 2017 Fall Meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Society

Madeline Galbraith

Spring 2017: Duquesne University professor inspired Goldwater scholar to excel

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Summer 2016:  Scholarships Foster Growing Diversity in Sciences at Duquesne

Spring 2016: Ted Corcovilos Receives Kaufman Foundation Grant
In the New Investigator Research category, a grant of $150,000 over two years was awarded to Theodore Corcovilos, assistant professor, Department of Physics at Duquesne, for research on "Experimental quantum emulation of two-dimensional topological insulators and Majorana fermions using ultra-cold atoms." Read more
Spring 2016: Fatiha Benmokhtar is a collaborator in a EurekAlert press release.
Spring 2016: Junior Tim Ireland receives Goldwater Honorable Mention.
Spring 2016: Corcovilos contributes to lead testing in Pittsburgh water.
Spring 2016: Junior Tim Ireland contributes to the creation of a computational model to control populations of feral cats.
Spring 2016:  Duquesne Physics alumnus Brad Treece was announced today as one of two recipients of a new award for teaching assistants in the physics department at Carnegie Mellon University, where he has been a PhD candidate since fall 2012. In the words of the head of the CMU Physics Department, Dr Steve Garoff: The Physics Department Teaching Assistant Award is given annually in the fall semester to the physics graduate student who, in the past academic year, best exemplified the high standards of education in the Physics Department by going beyond the normal expectations for a Teaching Assistant. The purpose of the award is to encourage and recognize effective teaching by students in the Department of Physics. The Duquesne physics department is proud to congratulate Brad on this recognition!

Brad graduated from Duquesne in May 2012 with a bachelor of science degree from the department of physics and a second bachelor of science degree from the department of mathematics and computer science. Brad was active as a physics tutor during his junior year and as an undergraduate teaching assistant during his senior year. He was inducted into the Duquesne Chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma and participated in research in theoretical quantum information led by associate professor Scott Cohen, who left the department in May 2012.
Fall 2015: Senior Julie Gillis quoted by APS News
Fall 2015: Duquesne celebrates the Einstein Centennial
Summer 2015: Physics at Duquesne is Female-Friendly
Spring 2014: Congratulations to Claire Saunders - 2014 - 2015 Goldwater Scholar
Spring 2014: Fatiha Benmokhtar published in Nature