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Opportunities and Activities at the Bayer School

Undergraduate Research Program

The Undergraduate Research Program provides students with essential research experience for a career in the sciences or science-related fields. This program offers students the opportunity to experience science through the successes and failures of scientific research. Students are encouraged to start research as early as their freshman year, allowing them to gain as much experience as possible.

Forensic Science and Law Summer Workshop

Forensic Science and Law labThe professional Forensic Science and Law fraternity Phi Sigma Lambda will host the Eleventh Annual Forensic Science and Law Workshop at Duquesne University July 14-17th, 2014.

Students and faculty of the Bayer School Forensic Science and Law program, will offer the four-day workshop. High school students from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area are invited to participate.

Service Learning Program

Service Learning in the science curriculum provides a rich opportunity for students to learn while contributing to the greater Pittsburgh community.

By participating in organized curricular projects that address community needs, students enhance their academic knowledge, hone their skills, and cultivate civic responsibility. Examples of science service-learning experiences include tutoring, environmental data monitoring, and volunteering as a leader in community activities.

Exploring the Environment of China

Exploring the Environment of China is a study abroad program that encourages students to observe, discuss, and analyze China's philosophy and approach as it pertains to environmental topics.

Since 2004, Duquesne University has provided science students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with current environmental issues in China, as well as gain a first-hand study of Chinese culture and art, a result of 5,000 years of artistic, philosophical, and political evolution.

This Study Abroad program includes visits to the Forbidden City, Peking Opera, Chinese Acrobatics, Traditional Chinese Hospitals, Cloisonné Studios, along with a field experience at Huang Hua Cheng Pass. Duquesne students have the opportunity to interact with Chinese university students in both seminars and informal social functions.

Duquesne students conduct environmental research investigations beforehand, and then add  documentation to that report while in China.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Duquesne University recognizes the importance of the study abroad experience in shaping young adults who are intellectually aware, culturally sensitive, and professionally prepared to become global citizens of the twenty-first century. Duquesne University offers a variety of study abroad programs, including:

Careers in Science

You'll find career information about new niches in science, hot links to science career sites, and going on to graduate school.

Pre-Medical Professions Program

Students seeking a career in medicine, as well as dentistry, podiatry, optometry, chiropractic, or veterinary medicine will get the courses they need to meet their pre-professional requirements, plus a science-based liberal arts education, opportunities for research, and hands-on experience in their chosen field.

Internships and Research

Internship opportunities are available for Bayer School students at many of the leading scientific companies and organizations.


Take a look at current job markets that are showing employment growth in the sciences. View discussions and Day-in-the-Life looks at many of these markets that are available on Science Magazine's NextWave site.