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Gordon B. Garrett Funeral Home


The Gordon B. Garrett Funeral Home is located in Titusville, PA, about 2 hours from Pittsburgh.

DeAnn Pertz hails from Titusville and went home throughout the semester on weekends. She originally intended to learn the physiological process of death at the funeral home, but ended up becoming engaged with the families who were struggling with the loss of their loved ones. Her project changed fromGordon B. Garrett funeral home one of pure, detached science into one of compassion for grieving families and an effort to help them work through the process. She decided to create a resource that listed sources of counseling specifically for grieving families.


“I became less narrow-minded and applied my science knowledge to many more areas other than the physical process of death. I recognized the emotions that come along with death, which is also a part of science. I have learned that it is important to have an open-mind while working with science in the community. By doing so, much more success is achieved, and the underlying problems are understood to a higher degree. I have recognized the important skills needed to be an effective leader in the community.”

— DeAnn Pertz