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Lots of Hope

Lots of Hope is located at the Pittsburgh Project on the North Side of Pittsburgh. It is a non profit community development agency, with a purpose of "Developing servant leaders and upholding the dignity of vulnerable homeowners."

Lots of Hope reclaimed an abandoned baseball field for nature. The area is now perfect for the community to plant and harvest fruits and vegetables. Outside of the garden, families can relax and have picnics in the wooded area that is mostly cleared out of debris.

The rain garden will act to absorb rain water runoff which can be a source of a wide variety of pollutants. The gardens prevent the rain water from polluting natural waterways through ground filtration. Further, rain gardens can prevent flooding of sewer systems.


Throug Lots of Hope, we have explained how service learning can help connect what is learned in the classroom with real-world applications. We have also learned the rewards of service leadership and model this to encourage others to do likewise. Finally, we identifiedcommunicational skills needed in working with and determining the needs of the community.
-Colleen Sippey